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And then there were three...

Part 5

Love and Cancer

Last night I heard about a young man whose wife passed away recently. They had been married for 8 months. He fell in love with a girl, and then found out she had cancer. They married anyway, lived together for about 2 months, and then she had to go to another city for treatment. In the next 6 months she passed away.

Before she went to the hospital, he took her to a parlor, and she had a pedicure, and manicure, and facial, and the works. Now he bought a new phone, since the old one has all her messages on it.

This is not the movies. It's real life! And these are real people, in our time, in our journeys, taking tough decisions, giving meaning to life, and love.

Faith: The Substance of Things Unseen

Two close friends gave me this book about three years ago. They didn't know anything about Penelope J Stokes, neither had they read the book. I didn't read it then, but reading it now, I feel this is the right time for me to have picked it up! For those of us contemplating life change; for those of us wanting to step out in faith but are afraid; for those of us who know there is more to life than 'this'; for those of us who have always believed we must do more, and be more; this book is just right.

I am glad I am reading her book now, even before I take my break. In the hundred and odd pages that I have read, she doesn't say anything that we may not really know, but she says it! It's there on print! So, reading her my doubts of irrationality and general anxieties of being slightly insane, are put to rest.

It's simple, it's clear, it voices what I have thought and felt, and it holds great wisdom from someone who has left the shore. Thank you Nigel and Se…


You remember my colleague who was trying to get her child into school? (Free education)Well, yesterday the list came out and the little boy's name was not there. My colleague is devastated! When I saw her this morning, her eyes were all puffy and she had the saddest look ever!

One has to think why a pre-school admission is causing so much grief. Yep! The boy was only entering pre-school, not kindergarten. She could try next year. There are other schools that he could go to. So, why be so depressed?

The context however, adds more light. My colleague lives in a joint family. There are two other children in the household who go to the same school that she applied to for her son. So, expectations are high, and to add, the family leaves no opportunity to sarcastically rub it in. It seems that my friend went ahead with this effort to enroll her son into the school, despite the family's obvious disagreement. And now, I think, she feels she has lost.

She really did want her son to get…

Here's to life and the living!

It's done! I gave my one-month notice to the company I work with a couple of days ago. Come April, and I will not have a regular job. It's my leap of faith. After a year of believing that God does not quite care for my financial or physical needs, I have decided to let Him lead.

Our income will be cut by 50 per cent. That was the only thing holding me back from leaving. Well, we will just have to manage I guess!

The effects of this move are showing already.

I respect and love my husband more.(How many men would be ok with letting their wives doing this and take on all the financial responsibility? Especially those who want to do more with their lives than build a house, buy a car, and wear branded clothes?) In fact, he is the one who let me want to live life again, want to discover and explore and dream. And I am so grateful that he supports it. Am I blessed or what!

I am opening my mind to new possibilities.

I have begun to explore areas of interest that lay dormant for so long…

Elvis Presley

Yesterday I came up to my room and found Part 3 of Elvis: The Official Collector's Edition! Carefully propped up on the pillow of our bed, my husband had found the magazine at a store in Safina Plaza, Bangalore. Knowing me only too well, he bought it of course.

The magazine is fantastic! Each part apparently focusing on different parts of Elvis' life. So this one has his birth, his gospel music, Elvis, That's the way it is, and the story of Elvis and Colonel Parker. AND get this! There are Elvis collectible artifacts! Part 3 has The deeds to Graceland, Elvis' Dixie Motor Club card, a charity cheque bearing Elvis' signature! There is also a mini-poster promoting Elvis, That's the way it is. Being the official collector's edition, it has some pictures and information that you don't normally find so I'm really excited about it. Well... anything to do with Elvis gets me excited and sad at the same time. I can smile and cry in a second.

Now... what is eve…