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Marc Riboud

I have just discovered Marc Riboud. Albeit a little late but then that's the story of my life! Tasveer is having an exhibition of his work starting this friday going on till the 7th of December. I must see it.

Children in an adult's world

Today as I drove home I watched a little boy trying to cross the street. He was running with his school bag on his back and his lunch basket in his hand. He must have been 8 or 9, but he was alone crossing a busy street at three in the afternoon.

The world is unfair to children. They are born with little feet, little hands, and imaginative minds. With this they need to contend with a big world, big people, and practicality.

When parents walk, children must run to keep up.
When parents take a trip, children must sit strapped in a car, or an airplane for hours.
When teachers bellow children must listen.
When adults need to sit down children must stand up.
When drivers need to move children must get out of the way.
When adults speak children must understand.
When adults are late, children need to hurry.
When parents are busy, children need to play on their own.
When adults are talking, children must not but in.
When adults are working, children must be quiet.
When adults say, children must …