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Someone watching over me...

I joined up with a health club - Fitness First. I love it!

The day before I joined I sat outside waiting for my husband to arrive. Looking up at the glass window with the many cycles stacked along it, people going in and out carrying their blue bags and fancy shoes, I was not sure what to make of this move in my life. Snazzy health club? Me?

Hmm... an hour later I signed up and was on the cross trainer the day after that. Easy shift.

I'm glad I made the shift though. I enjoy it and it feels like I'm doing something with my life. Like I'm growing up somehow. Feels good.

This morning I went in at 6:30am. The night befor I asked God to help me out with this whole thing. I have started other programmes to loose weight but still am overweight. I asked Him to help me wake up in the morning, to get a decent auto driver to take me there, and another one to take me from the gym to work. I asked that I would enjoy the morning and my session. I did. And both auto drivers were nice.