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Give God Glory?

What does it means to give God the glory? Is it something that one needs to "feel"/ "experience" by oneself, something that cannot be explained and one can only know when it somehow happens... when the Spirit moves maybe? Or is there anything else to it?

In most cases when I have heard people talking about giving God glory it often entails singing. Now for the musically gifted I am sure this is amazing. But for those of us who are not, who are therefore subtely coerced by church tradition to somehow experience God through music and give glory, worship and so on, it becomes a little difficult.

Then ofcourse we pray saying "Lord this is for your glory"... or "Let this bring glory to your name"... what does that really mean? I am finding it increasingly difficult to figure.

I feel now that I really need to find Jesus in the raw. Go after him with clenched fist and biting teeth and say "show me who you are ... I don't know!!!!!" Hound h…

Managing Stage at Vision 2020

Wrote this for the Vision 2020 brochure Script Peoples Theatre brought out this year.

If you thought you could figure out what stage management is from a book or a website… ahem! Think again. You could of course read the many manuals, how-to-guides, dos and don’ts available, but unless you took the course in Stage Management (at the Yale School of Drama, or some other such bastion of erudition, (I’m guessing), you’re in for a big surprise!

A stage manager needs to manage all technical aspects of a production, and the people involved in it. Now, managing the technical side is easy. A couple of excel sheets, some basic organizational skills, a phone that can save an additional 100 numbers and you’re set. But people… ah! There in lies a stage manager’s true worth.

Vision 2020 productions normally have a cast anywhere between 75 to 100 college students and working folk, and not all of them are jumping for joy to be part of the rigorous rehearsal schedule the production demands. Getting out o…

Greed and Entitlement

At lunch a colleague was talking about her recent trip home. She met a chief marketing manager or something of that sort of a large corporate company over dinner. The woman talked about how fantastic her company was and how they had to “wipe out” smaller distributors, and glorified their strategy to take over the market. As difficult as this was to work through the woman went on to talk about how when people encroached on land that her family owned, she and her mother went down one night and burned the houses down!

I gasped. And since then have not been able to stomach this. Burned the houses of people who encroached on your land? Like you don’t have enough money and power to reclaim your land through the law? Burn it down yourself? You and your mother? It’s absurd? And she obviously felt no remorse and was talking about it at a dinner party and everyone there didn’t object either! Sure we know these things happen but it’s still horrifying!

How does one deal with something like this? Wh…

One-line verses

The trouble with learning memory verses I think is that we cling to a line in the Bible while we have no clue what the context of that line is. For the past few weeks I have been reminded of “None of you should think more highly of yourself than you ought” Romans 11. I blamed this verse (among others) for my insecurity and feeling insignificant. However, if one looks at the rest of the passage it’s about something else. Even with years of Sunday school and church and seminary even, I kept thinking that this verse aided my low self-esteem. We are not told to learn and understand entire passages of the Bible; in fact, entire books would make more sense really. How can anyone meditate on one paragraph of a letter? How would you know what the writer is talking about if you only read 14 lines? We can’t break up the books of the Bible and study only chapters. We need to see the chapters in the light of the larger book, and indeed in the light of the larger Book itself!