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40 things to do before I turn 40

I came across this site today: It's sweet. You can join up and list out the 50 things you want to do in your lifetime. I've contemplated a bucket list for a long time. And now and then I have put things down even on this blog. So... here are my 40 things to do in the next decade:

Learn to swimGrow a herb garden May 30, 2013 :)Learn to make 10 different types of omeletsStart a businessHappy Turtle. Well I started it and it was running for a while but we moved.See EgyptSee Snow!December 2011Travel across EuropeLose weight!Take dancing lessonsBuy a good DSLRGo to a photography workshop/ course Go Whale WatchingWatch Mamma Mia on BroadwayVisit GracelandVisit Niagra Falls Summer of 2012Become a quilt artistMake my home plastic-freeAct in a play I came close... we did a work-in-progress... but I don't feel like I want to do this anymore. I guess some things just change through life!Live in another countryLiving in Toronto. September 2011. :)Learn to dive so I can go on …


A friend of mine made a trip to Tanjavur this weekend. On the train ride back she was woken up at 3am by horribly excited children and even louder parents! They needed to get off at 5am, but they were up and ready a good two hours ahead, bags packed, windows opened, children engaged in loud chatter and parents communicating a few decibels higher. My friend objected to which the man, who seemed like an IT guy from an Electronic City or some such little world, objected right back! “You don’t need to tell us what to do. We will talk if we want to.” “It seems you don’t like it if the children are happy.” “I don’t need to learn manners from you!”

It seems that people with their new found status of corporate wealth think that they don’t need to care about anybody else and clearly don’t give a damn about public spaces. The world belongs to them and their children. And if you want to be in the same space you need to fight. Like animals protecting your herd or your territory. What does one do …



I have a thing for colors. Especially bright colors. At one point in college I wore a range of browns and earthy reds. Then there was the Lucknow Chikan phase. Pastels, pastels and more pastels. But now its all about bright reds, yellows, and greens. Oh that reminds me, I did have a bright yellow salwar kameez once. My friend put on his sunglasses when I walked into the office wearing it!

Anyway, so I looked up the color theory today on Good stuff.

I was looking for images of the color wheel and came across the color wheel for container gardening! Click here for the color wheels for your flowers!

Oh... since we're talking colors... have I mentioned one of my favorite colorist artist Annick Mckenzie. Her paintings are so beautiful. Rich and vibrant and make you want get up and get into the world!

Something new everyday!

If we try we will find something new everyday - something that will interest us, or shock us, or make us smile - we will! We need to look. Even it it means taking the trouble to google a word we have not heard before. So here's my something new for today.

We were discussing something at work and someone mentioned on of the people in Raqs Media Collective so I checked them out. Nice site and interesting work. Go to: Raqs Media Collective.

While looking up Raqs I found a really nice portrait of the three of them in Wikipedia. The photographer is Jatinder Marwaha who takes some fantastic portraits. Check him out here: Jatinder Marwaha

Amazing Pictures

Came across Kalyan Varma's site today. His images are... I first said so beautiful but they're more than that. They're stirring. Like something was reaching into your chest and squeezing your heart so that somehow you couldn't breathe! I don't know if I described it right but they are moving. And they're all wildlife images. They're breathtaking!

Go to:

Sewing Stash

62 metres of cloth! :) I am a novice at this whole thing so I have a lot of learning to do. I am ready for a trial and error method and am reading as much as I can. But I realize that there is so much that you need to figure out... like which cloth to use? This is cotton casement as they call it. The guy also had drill cotton which is a little thicker. I need to find a place that has nice prints. But I really need to read up on and figure out what the basics of textile and material are. The shopkeepers in Raja Market know instantly that you don't really know anything about their business.

I'm happy with my sewing kit and embroidery threads and needles and fabric glitter and scissors! Bryan had bought me a rotary cutter and mat when he went to the States last year.

Found these iron-on flowers at Raja Market as well. There were others but they were really sad!


I spent four days in Dandeli this January. It was the most relaxing and refreshing trips I've had in a long time. We saw the hills and the sea in a span of four days! Karwar is a three/four hour drive...

We were on the beach for 3 hours flat on the sand with the waves coming right at us. It was amazing! As I sat there I wondered why we spend our lives in office buildings, in front of computers when there is so much to see in the world, so much more to experience. We spend most of the year working so that we can take a vacation. But then we don't really know how to be still or quiet or learn from that experience. We should spend more time learning from God's great creation.

30 is actually quite nice

So I turned 30 this year and for my birthday I wanted to make it special. I spent a fair bit of time over the last year wondering how exactly I would like to celebrate my 30t. After dissing the weekend away, party at a farm, even an art event, I decided that I would have a brunch at our home.

I love breakfast. Bacon, sausages, eggs and so on. I love breakfast buffets at a restaurant... I think they're the best meal you can eat out. Unfortunately, life doesn't allow me much time for breakfast on a regular day so I decided to invite friends and family to a breakfast-brunch at home in our garden. It was lovely!

I think everyone also enjoyed it since we had never really done anything like this before. And I enjoyed shopping for it.

This however was a couple of weeks after my birthday. For the day itself I felt that I needed to do something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time and since I was going to live my life more deliberately from now on, I should start when…