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I've spent a year away from church. Whenever I go back, on the odd occasion, I get asked a few questions. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Which church have you been going to? Why aren't you coming here anymore? You don't go to church at all?!!! Gasp!

Anyway today a person I respect and care about said:

Person: How are you?
Me: Good.
P: Where do you worship?
M: Nowhere.
P: Oh. Are you part of a small group or Bible Study?
M: No.
P: OH!

I then told him that it was not so bad and that he should not worry. Some desert time is helpful. I'm happy. He nodded.

A couple of days ago I sat alone at home eating my dinner. Somehow I played an imaginary conversation in my head between me and my colleagues. And as it has come up now and then even in real life, the topic was religion. And as I talked I came down to saying, "I don't understand everything about Christianity. I don't understand why there is so much hunger and sadness in the world. I know most …



I found some cool sites on quilts today.

This site: The Alliance for American Quilts has a lovely pattern by Yvonne Porcella and Karen Musgrave. It's so bright and colorful. Makes me happy.

I also found the International Quilt Study Centre and Museum, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. They actually have graduate and undergraduate courses in history of quilts and textiles, a solid research department, arts quilts, quilt stories... I didn't know there was so much happening with quilts! It can be a business, a passion, a hobby and now... an academic pursuit. This is amazing!

So I wanted to know the history of quilting in India and came across Henry John Drewal and his exhibition of Siddi quilts. Check that out here.

Getting quilting basics

I’m teaching myself how to quilt from the internet. has some great tutorials and videos. So you can actually see what people are talking about. It’s great. Also, I just found!!! It’s an online quilting course! You have to pay for this but you can learn to be a pro on that site.

Of course the material available on the Internet is written by Americans or Canadians so I need to find equivalents or substitutes to what they are talking about. I have found sites where people are exporting Indian quilts so there’s a lot of quilting happening here too but more commercially.

Hmm. Big mountains to climb. I need to find good fabric. On my trip to Raja Market I did not really find much. They said I’d get stuff on DS lane but not the kind I was looking for. I guess more exploring is necessary.