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So, have you found something?

Now that I'm only a month away from finishing up with my current job everyone asks me, "So, have you found something?" Or, "Are you looking for something?"

Well, I am looking for something but its not really a full time job! I'm looking for happiness, and contentment, and joy, and peace, and laughter, and smiles, and excitement, and boundless energy, and fresh air, and sparkling water, and cool breeze, and blue mountains, and beautiful birds, and colorful butterflies, and quiet, and soft sunlight, and smiling faces, and deep sighs, and forgotten friends, and limitless possibility.

Yes I am looking for a lot! And, I sometimes find somethings...

Is there?

So much can go wrong in life... but should we not give the things that might go right a chance?
Maybe there is very little to hope for...but should we not hope at all?
Is there enough beauty in the world if we choose to find it?
Is there enough strength if we will fight?
Is there enough laughter to forget the tears?
Is there enough love to rid us of hate?

What do you say to a Dragon?

rafiki, a Bangalore based theatre group is producing a play - What do you say to a Dragon?. Its based on Sunithi Namjoshi's Aditi and the One-Eyed Monkey. A play for children, What do you say to a Dragon? will first show in June 2010, and then travel to different schools through the year.

After a really long time I'm acting again. The Playback workshop was the last time. This is an improvised piece and A, our director, spends a fair bit of time on training. I'm really enjoying it. It's demanding - both physically and emotionally.

Since its a play for children who are in the 5th - 6th grade, A got us to think of life incidents and stories that we had heard from that time. It's an adventure story so we had to also come up with an adventure! I realized I hadn't had a very adventourous life...that was kind of sad. Still, I had an imagination back then so I recalled an event that seemed to me at the time, an adventure. You'll find it here.

There are many othe…