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The Stranger or the Outsider

I was reading Albert Camus' The Outsider (as my copy says) and felt like I understood Christ's sacrifice a little more.

Through Part two - the incarceration, the trial and death sentence - I felt so terrible for Meursault. It seemed so strange to have something like this happen to him. The guy he killed was not even connected to him but to that horrible neighbor of his. He had no reason to kill him but he just did. And then the trial seemed completely absurd! Concentrating on why the man did not show emotion at his mother's funeral can hardly be a reason to send him to the guillotine. I wonder, couldn't they have claimed temporary insanity or something? It was all very weird. And as the trial went on and I could tell that he was not going to get let of the hook I felt so helpless, and hopeless, and really... weird. I can't describe it any other way really. It was all just bizarre! How can a person's life just turn around like that. And then I felt like... isn…