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Wasted years?

Someone asked me what I'm doing these days. I said I had quit my job and since I'm not yet sure if I should tell people I'm quilting, I didn't. So the person asked me to do some work for his organization - his Christian organization. I have done some writing for them in the past and the last time he called I refused. I said that I was not interested in writing. This time the offer was to do some other kind of work - all voluntary of course.
Somehow the person thought that I was wasting my life. That God had brought me to Journalism, to Literature and to Theology and now I was turning my back on all that. He felt that God had given me so much talent and I was not using it for Him. He said I would regret it later - the wasted years and youth. As we kept talking he finally said that I should do something I truly love and I said I was doing what I loved - I was quilting.
This didn't impress him of course. He still went on about how I was wasting my life and how he rea…

Sunday Lunch

I made roast chicken a couple of months ago but my mom was not in town. So she asked me to make it again for her and my aunt who's visiting. Two chickens this time and two salads, and garlic bread. Tiring but so satisfying.
Last time I had some lettuce left over to decorate the chicken dish but this time it had to go bare. Still, looked good.