Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turned 31

I turned 31 a couple of days ago. My mum fell ill two days before my birthday and was hospitalized. So I spent my birthday at the hospital taking care of her. Its interesting though - when one is born one is at the hospital, the mother is recovering from giving birth, and that's where one spends one's very first day in the world - being taken care of. So, I think its good that we get to do a birthday in a hospital caring for our mothers. It takes us back to the initial struggle from which we are born and reminds us of everything mothers need to go through to raise us - if we think hard enough. So actually, I'm grateful that I got to take care of her and this time round she seemed to appreciate it more. Which was also very interesting for me. For the past 7 years I have taken care of my mother through her periodic illnesses but this time she really seemed to feel something about the whole experience. I guess its good for both of us.

When I got back home from the hospital and went up to my studio a day later I found that my husband had set up new speakers for me! :) we had talked about this earlier, I was using some really old computer speakers and I also needed a spike-buster since I have only two plug points in the room, and there they were. I was overwhelmed. Sitting in a room in my mothers house that I have converted to my studio, having the opportunity to do what I want to do, having found what I want to do, looking out at the trees from the window, listening to music on a ipod that my cousins gave me last year (bless them),  no full time job to go to, no rush hour traffic, no asshole boss, no office politics... God is good. And I am blessed to have people who love, support and believe in me. It's  an amazing thing isn't it. To actually know that. That was gift enough. Here's to being 31!