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Not really alone...

I went to an Alpha course session today. The friends we are living with go and aunty suggested that it would be good for me to go too. It was. Community is so essential in our lives. There is such a deep sense of loss when we're so far away from home, and family, friends, and everything that was familiar and comfortable to us. And now, as aliens, and foreigners, and the outsiders... we go through so many different emotions, so many moments of deep despair and loneliness.
As I sat at the table I was assigned to, and met people, and sang, I was reminded of how FANTASTIC the Body of Christ is! Here I was, halfway across the world, and I was welcomed and greeted, fed, smiled at, spoken to... just because I was there, and I believed in the same God. And all of a sudden we were community. We were travelers on the journey. We shared something in common. Jesus. And that was enough.


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Jean Paul Riopelle - Chevreuse II

There are times when you are so drawn in to a piece of art that you experience something that you cannot quite explain. It becomes a "spirit" moment. A glimpse into mystery, wonder, and divinity.

Jean Paul Riopelle's Chevreuse II did this for me today. I went to the AGO to see the Turner exhibition. It was ok. Very crowded. I moved through it quickly.

I walked around for a little bit without a particular purpose and walked into a room with this painting. It's a huge painting and it instantly drew me in. I gasped. I walked closer and I didn't leave for a very long time. I stood there and looked up at it and the longer I stayed the more overwhelmed I was. I don't really know how to explain the sensations or what I was feeling. All I know is that I was moved and the only thing I could do was keep looking with sometimes teary eyes.

Blue Sky

We've had some gorgeous days here in Toronto. It's that time just after summer and going into Fall when the leaves are beginning to turn, when its not quite cold enough for a jacket, and the air is crisp but not too cold.

And the sky!

The sky is a clear blue sometimes with dancing clouds and sometimes with none at all.
The sun shines bright but gentle and there are leaves on the trees and flowers in gardens.

It's a beautiful time.

And yet, in other places hurricanes have washed out homes, people are stranded and the sky is gray and angry. It's hard to hold these two realities together. Maybe its hard if you try to find an answer or need to be comfortable. I want to experience the joy of a beautiful sky. I can't seem to do it without thinking of those who don't have this sky today. Can I think of them and still enjoy the sky?

Maybe that is what I must learn.


I am retreating... sort of. :)
I'm taking the time during this break to do yoga and to paint.
It's going well. I really enjoy both yoga and painting.