Where is home?

We've been apartment hunting and its not easy on a student budget. So many things to consider when you look for a place here - rent, how far it is from school/work, whats the neighborhood like, are grocery stores etc close by, does rent include utilities and hydro, are renters willing to accept a co-signor, will they give you an apartment if you're not employed yet.... Been crazy!
When we traveled to come here, through baggage check and immigration and all of it, we felt that it was just the right time for us. Like God was opening doors and letting us pass. At the airport as we waited for our baggage... ABBA's Dancing Queen played and I was so happy! :) Just felt like things were working out for us... for me.
So, I want to remember those moments when I get down because we can't find something that works for us. When I worry about my job and resources etc. I want to remember that God brought us here. And He will take care of us. He already prepared two homes that took us in and provided for us these past two weeks. He must have something for us... somewhere where we can lay our heads and call home.