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Mad love

The habit of moralizing spoils religion. Personal responsibility to an inviolable moral code replaces personal response to God's loving call. Moralism and its step-child, legalism, reduce the love story of God for his people to the observance of burdensome duties and oppressive laws. 
- Brennan Manning, Reflections for Ragamuffins
I feel like my Christian life has been a series of "do's and don'ts". What is right and what is not right. What a Christian should behave like, where she should be seen, what she should be doing. No one really focused on the mad love of God. That mad love that would make Him forgive, and come after us, and die for us. Something is missing in the way we have understood Christianity. I can't remember a sermon that conveyed this mad passion to me. I remember guilt, and correction, and what God is expecting, but not the madness of Christ. This way of living doesn't make us lovers. It makes us practical. And Christianity is not pract…

4 years...

I started blogging in November 2007. This is my first post... Choosing to be Happy. And now, 4 years later... Learning to be Joyful. In between are 4 years of living, learning, crying, laughing, despair, hope, sadness and joy. In between are many many blog posts, about 6 blogs and a lot of work. It's interesting that I started my blog with Choosing to be Happy. I think for a lot of my life this has been a central issue. I want to be happy. Why can't I be happy? And through a process of learning to be honest with myself, getting help, learning to love myself, learning to love God, learning to trust God, learning about grace, experiencing God's grace and love... I have moved from wanting to be happy to wanting to be Joyful. And indeed, wanting to be more like Jesus.
I'm glad I started blogging... I go back often to my posts... just to see where I've been. What lessons I have learned. How I learned them. And it makes something very clear to me... that the most import…

At Starbucks

We met our friend at Starbucks, North of Yonge and Bloor. This is my first time in a Starbucks but more than the Hot Chocolate I was really happy to be in the store. Well, happy and sad in some ways. The Starbucks used to be a book shop - Albert Britnell Book Shop. It seems like the book shop must have had some character. I loved the layout, the tiled floors, and the wood. Starbucks has a lot of pictures of the book shop on their walls and the original sign on the front wall. And I think the door might also be from back then. I'm glad they left it that way and keep the memory alive in some sense. Though I would have much preferred if the book shop were still around.

Learning to be joyful

A fringe benefit for the believer en route to higher Christian consciousness is that ninety-nine percent of the emotional suffering caused by his addictive programming to security, sensation, and power disappears from his daily dance.
-Brennan Manning, Reflections for Ragamuffins
The day before I read this I had been to Alpha and Nicky Gumbel was talking about being salt and light to the world. And I think we normally think of being salt and light in what we do. We help other people, we work for the poor, we donate to charity, we become full-time ministers, we preach the gospel, we teach in the church and so on. I think all of this is valid and good and necessary. But I also think that it is important to look at who we are and not just what we do. In modern life who we are is defined by what we do. I believe that we must make the separation once again. 
I think after my 29th year I began to focus more on who I was.  Up until then, like everybody else, what I did defined me completely.…


When I was growing up in India I'd so want to be in a place that had all the four seasons. I wanted to see snow and I wanted to see the colors of the trees during fall. I love trees. I love watching them, standing under them, touching the bark, collecting leaves, watching birds... I think the world should have more trees. And so I'm very grateful to be able to actually see so many trees and so many trees in the fall. :)

A City Within a Park

Toronto has so many beautiful parks and woods right in the city. We have one close to home and I can't say how happy it makes me to be able to be footsteps away from something so beautiful.

 The park is a ravine and goes on for so long! So much space.

 I journal a great deal. Well mostly this is a prayer journal. I daresay I have said Thank You to God more over the past few weeks than I have for a long time now.