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I had not heard Bruce Cockburn before... but lately I've been hearing a lot of him! My husband's professor gave him a bunch of cds the other day and there were six of Bruce Cockburn. Then, The Church of the Redeemer had an evening service based on the music of Bruce Cockburn. The band that played that evening were very good and did such a great job of this particular song. And the service was beautiful.

I think Bruce is a modern day prophet. Listen to some of his other songs. He's like Habbakuk crying out in sackcloth and ashes.

By the time they played this song I was weeping. I was weeping because I realized that I spent so much of my life belittling the work of God. Not out of arrogance but out of despair. I would get so weighed down with the world, so hurt by all the violence and wickedness, disillusioned by what people were capable of and I would say that there was nothing good about the world. Nothing good about humans.

And here is this song.

You can't tell me t…

Winters Pass

I was watching Judging Amy today - on You Tube. I'm on the 5th season. I absolutely love this show and have been watching it straight since February. Anyway, in the episode I watched today, a landscaper comes to the house to fell a tree that has fallen. He asks Maxine why she hasn't tended her garden and why she let it get to the sorry state is was in. Maxine tells him that she doesn't own the house or the yard anymore, her daughter does and Amy is not interested in gardens. And who gardens in the winter anyway? So the landscaper says, "Winters pass Ms. Gray. Spring will come."

And it is true. Winters pass. For the Maxine who lost her fiance, whose children seem to be having horrible marriages, who is now paying rent in the house she used to live in... winters pass. And for us in the real world... for us who are lonely, sick, poor, tired, afraid, despairing... winters pass. Spring will come. And the world will be new again and alive.

Yesterday my boss offered me…

It's Winter now... but Spring's around the Corner

I know my last post is about dropping the negativity but I have been nothing but negative since then. This is hard. This moving across the world, being a student wife, being a "new immigrant", trying to find work, trying to live on a minuscule budget... its all bloody hard! If any of you are planning to move here be prepared to be bull dozed!

Anyway... so I've been down for a while. I need to go through these times it appears. Part of the deal of living and learning. And after I have moped long enough I usually bounce back with some important lessons learned (Thank God!)
Don't apologize for who you are. Don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone is screwed up! Maybe... you're not so bad after all.  The only way to be happy is to decide to be happy. The only way to stop worrying is to stop! All things considered - you still have it better than most.Be thankful. If you have the time, do things you always wanted to but didn't have the time to before. (The thing…