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My 40

So I made a list when I turned 30.
40 things to do before I turn 40

I had 4 things ticked off and I have to say I haven't paid much attention to it.
I was talking to my friend a week or so ago and somewhere along the line this list came up.
And we decided I would work on my list and he would work on his.

So, here's another one ticked off.

Grow a herb garden May 30, 2013 :) :) Maybe I should have said "Start" a herb garden. Anyway, it has begun and I'm ticking it off!

I have basil, corriander, and cilantro for now. I picked the ones that do well in the full sun since we don't get much shade on our walk out. I have to say that I have no clue how to do this but as soon as I'm done posting I'm going to do a little research. Also, I have great resources at work - where there are quilters there will be gardeners! :)

 I need to buy the planters and soil etc. but sometimes you just have to begin!

Remembering what we have learned...

Why can't I remember what I have learned? No... not math or geography.
Life lessons.
Lessons that I learned with much pain.
For all the time that I have spent reflecting, and working on myself... shouldn't I be better now?
Why can't I remember what I've learned?

I was going through an old blog today - Sabbath Rest. I took this time off from my life to find God. And I think I learned some valuable lessons. It's a good thing I blogged during the time because clearly I have forgotten!

I have been feeling a little down lately. Not sure where my life is going and all that. And I have been trying to pull myself back up. Telling myself that I have a good life and really have nothing to complain about. And that if I wanted a different life I have the power to change it.

I found this post that I had written during my Sabbath Rest. It was after I read about someone who had died. A young woman - born in the same year as I was. Dead at 27.

Happy and Sad

I think... once we grow older and have lived a little, we realize that we cannot be only happy, and we shouldn't be only sad. Somehow as we grow older we need to be able to be happy and sad at the same time. We can't be truly happy because then we will have to ignore all the wickedness and hate in the world, all the pain and suffering, even if it is not our own. And if, we choose to only be sad, then we ignore the good in the world - laughter, sunsets, smiles of children, music, family, friends...

We have to learn to be both at the same time it seems.
And this is bloody hard to do!