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Towards No. 33 - Practice Yoga

I do love yoga. It was one of the few classes I used to look forward to at the gym back home. One of my items on my Things to do before I turn 40 list is No. 33 Practice Yoga.

Until I can get to a yoga class I've been following yoga tutorials on Do Yoga With Me. 

These videos are GREAT! They have all kinds of yoga for all kinds of levels and they're absolutely free!
You can make a donation to the site. I can't believe these guys are actually putting so much out there for free. The quality of the videos is great and the teachers know their stuff.

Yesterday I did this one: Bend and Stretch Every time I come back to yoga after a break this sort of thing is helpful to get back some lost flexibility.

Today I did: Beginner Basics in Flow.
These movements are similar to the classes I used to take at the gym. So it was nice to do something familiar. The great thing is that the teacher takes the time to explain the movements and gives you tips on how you can do them right - someth…

Gong Bao Chicken

This was really good!
Here's the recipe: Gong Bao Chicken