Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Something's Changed

It's been three weeks since the Bon Jovi show and I have to say that I'm still on a high from it! :) Man that optimism really gets into you doesn't it? Even for a self proclaimed pessimist like me! I was gearing up for the show the week before it... listening to their music. After the show I couldn't stop listening. And watching every You Tube video on Bon Jovi there was to watch!

I think I'm happier! Not as exhausted as I used to be. I am more confident. I feel like I want to and can do more with my life. I even walk faster and with a bounce in my step!

I am moving through the world differently! :)
And that is a good thing.

I should

... I really should. So I looked up a couple of 100 Books to Read Before You Die lists and thought I'd go with the BBC's list. I guess it's not necessary the best list ever but then which list is? It's not a bad start though ... maybe that will open me up to other books too. I may change a couple of these but we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

No. 25 - Watch Bon Jovi Live!

Toronto has been good to us! Another thing crossed off my 40 Things to do before I turn 40 List!
When Bon Jovi came to Toronto in February I read about it in the papers the Monday after the show. This time - we managed to find out early enough to get tickets. We were listening to The Eagles and B checked if they were performing here any time soon. Turned out they were - next weekend actually - but then he saw that Bon Jovi was performing too! And since I had him on my list - the only reason I didn't have The Eagles on is that they weren't performing when I made the list! (I should probably add them now :) we decided to do the Bon Jovi show.

This was my first show on this side of the world and MY GOD WAS IT AWESOME!!!
I was thinking of the shows at Palace Grounds in Bangalore and thinking how bloody amazing this one was. It's a completely different experience! I understood what the musicians cribbed about when they said "the sound was bad". The lights and sets put on a show of their own. The arena seating made me feel one with this crazy large crowd of 35,000 people! And the energy was elevating.

And the band was spectacular! I don't think I can actually say what I felt or what this evening meant to me. I don't think I can do justice with words.

I cried when they did "It's my Life". :) That song gave me strength in my 20's when I was trying to find myself. And when they did Always I remembered listening to the song in school in Bangalore, India. Singing it with my friends. I didn't think I would hear him sing it live! Bon Jovi performed in Mumbai in 1995 and haven't gone back for some reason. Growing up in India at that time we didn't really think that we would be able to actually be at shows. It's different now of course. And a lot of great bands visit. Still, it's one of those things that make you think... Wow! This is really happening!

If they come again, and I know they will 'coz last night was their 17th show at the Air Canada Centre, I would go. They're great to watch. And he is still amazing. And his smile can draw you in ... even in a crowd of 35,000 people!