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Something's Changed

It's been three weeks since the Bon Jovi show and I have to say that I'm still on a high from it! :) Man that optimism really gets into you doesn't it? Even for a self proclaimed pessimist like me! I was gearing up for the show the week before it... listening to their music. After the show I couldn't stop listening. And watching every You Tube video on Bon Jovi there was to watch!

I think I'm happier! Not as exhausted as I used to be. I am more confident. I feel like I want to and can do more with my life. I even walk faster and with a bounce in my step!

I am moving through the world differently! :)
And that is a good thing.

I should

... I really should. So I looked up a couple of 100 Books to Read Before You Die lists and thought I'd go with the BBC's list. I guess it's not necessary the best list ever but then which list is? It's not a bad start though ... maybe that will open me up to other books too. I may change a couple of these but we'll see how it goes.

No. 25 - Watch Bon Jovi Live!

Toronto has been good to us! Another thing crossed off my 40 Things to do before I turn 40 List!
When Bon Jovi came to Toronto in February I read about it in the papers the Monday after the show. This time - we managed to find out early enough to get tickets. We were listening to The Eagles and B checked if they were performing here any time soon. Turned out they were - next weekend actually - but then he saw that Bon Jovi was performing too! And since I had him on my list - the only reason I didn't have The Eagles on is that they weren't performing when I made the list! (I should probably add them now :) we decided to do the Bon Jovi show.

This was my first show on this side of the world and MY GOD WAS IT AWESOME!!!
I was thinking of the shows at Palace Grounds in Bangalore and thinking how bloody amazing this one was. It's a completely different experience! I understood what the musicians cribbed about when they said "the sound was bad". The lights and sets pu…