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5 Down. 5 to Go!

No. 3 on my 40 Things to Do before I Turn 40 List is Learn to Make 10 Different Types of Omelets. I tried to find recipes of Traditional Omelets but it seems to me that this lovely dish is so versatile - you can basically do anything you want with it. There are of course some specific kinds of omelets and I think I should try them. I feel like I can already make 10 different kinds of omelets but here are some that I actually took pictures of.

For the next 5 I will try and make some with a little history.

Clockwise from the left:

1. Omelet with Mushrooms & Fresh Parsley
2. Omelet with Mushrooms & Parmesan
3. Omelet with Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, & Cheddar
4. Omelet with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Feta, & Pesto
5. Omelet with Roasted Grape Tomatoes, Spinach, & Basil

The Naked Now

The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See

Book Club has been really good for me. For the second time in one year, at one book club, I can say This book is changing my life! The other book was Becoming Human by Jean Vanier.

This book demands many blog posts and hopefully I will take the time to write them. For now I just want to say that if you resonate with anything I have said in this blog for the past seven years you might want to give this book a try - if you're ready... or not.

I do hope that the book finds you when you are ready. I know if I had read it 10 years ago I wouldn't have been so passionate about it. Now however, it has become one of my favourites!

About Time

It's a bit strange that Rachel McAdams would do another film as a Time Traveller's wife but she's so lovable you don't really mind. About Time is quite an enjoyable movie - can be a bit slow - but has some good insights. I guess it's in keeping with my theme for this year of seeing the beauty in the ordinary.

Tim (the protagonist) learns to see that. He also learns, (from being a time traveller) to live each day with an awareness that allows him to see and enjoy every moment. Being a time traveller allows him to relive the day, conscious of everything that his day would entail. This frees him from the stress and anxiety of going through the day for the first time, without knowing what would happen. The second time round he can really stop and take it all in.

What Tim learns, which is useful to those of us who can't travel in time, is to live the first day like he would have lived the second. More aware, less anxious, more in the moment. It seems that is where…

Learning in the Moment

Everything that happens to us in our life can be a learning experience or a teachable moment.
Unfortunately it is very difficult to see this while we are living in the experience. This is often apparent  to us at a later stage – when we look back. If we can find a way to experience the moment as a learning experience while we are in it – rather than reacting with negative emotion and therefore feeling hurt, disappointment or fear – we might be able to deal with those situations a little better.

Looking back, the things that bugged me the most, or caused the most anxiety, actually changed the way I did something, or thought of the thing that was an issue at the time. If I could, at that time, have said, "Ok. This is going to help me get stronger, do something better, develop myself" maybe I could have taken the negative emotion out of that experience. I would still have some anxiety I think, or unpleasantness, but I would not be so emotionally traumatized by that situation…

And now that I'm 34...

I turned 34 in January. Coming up to my birthday I wasn't feeling very great. My 33rd birthday (which my friend calls the "Jesus Birthday") was a difficult time. The old frustrations, anxieties and sadness came to the forefront. And it did this year too. I am always plagued with these questions -  "What the hell am I doing with my life?"" What have I done with the 30 odd years I've been around." "What does life here mean?" "Is it going to be better?"

I had similar questions this year too. But this year I was able to see that my life was not so bad. And maybe the meaning of life is really in the everyday things.

And in love. Surely, Love.

I Skyped with my aunt for my birthday and she sang for me. Not Happy Birthday but another birthday song that I had not heard before. I watched her singing. Smiling. She's 76 now. I've know her all my life. She's loved me all my life. Not because of what I have done, my education,…