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Neil Diamond Concert & No.26 is Done!

I had the most AWESOME time at the Neil Diamond Concert today. I bought my ticket in January this year and have had it on my fridge for these past months.

I was excited all day!

I walked into the Air Canada Centre and gasped. There is something breathtaking about being in such a large venue. I sat there. Taking it all in. I went alone to this show - B is not a fan and another friend wasn't sure if she would make it. I was alone but I didn't feel lonely. There is  a strange comfort in being amidst 30,000 people who are all in one space for the same reason you are. I had talked with someone earlier as we stood in line and she told me how she doesn't wait for people to join her any more. If she wants to do something she just does it! Her husband was with her today but she has been to concerts before on her own.

A lovely mother and daughter duo sat next to me. They were so sweet.

From the minute he came on stage I felt like I had transcended. Right through the show I had a bi…


I read this note on facebook today. Wrong Gender! Wrong Country! by Puja V.
The issue of the note is not new and some of the incidents she refers to I have heard about before. Yet when you read about sexual violence on a 3 year old child it is hard not to feel completely devastated by it. Or when you read about men who penetrate women with iron rods and sticks, slash their throats, leave them for dead it is quite impossible to not feel the deepest despair. It is not shocking any more... there have been too many stories. But it is is still so horribly saddening. It is the kind of sadness that jolts your whole body, a despair that you can feel in your throat.

Two Decembers ago when I heard about the gang rape of a young medical student on a bus I was so traumatized by the incident. That was also the year of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Both events came a little before Christmas. I was actually having a good week after a long bout of dealing with a nagging cold and exh…