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I am Old Soul

I am an old soul
I have travelled through many ages
I have seen many things
Painful. Hurtful things.
They live in my being and in my body.

Have I only seen sorrow and grief?
Has there been no joy in my lives.

There must have been.
Once, or twice, very long ago.

I yearn for it with a fierceness that makes the sadness unbearable.
I long for what I cannot see in this life but know ... somewhere... somehow to be true.

This is Good

I stood outside a books and records store this morning after brunch at a greasy diner.
The rain that had been falling since six am, sometimes heavily, was now light.
The wind gusts had quietened down to a soft, cool breeze and I could hear the jazz record playing in the store. It was too loud when I was in there a couple of minutes ago. Outside, it was just right.

I looked across the street at the apartment window above the laundromat. I thought, a young couple must live there. They had plants and books in the window. A young city couple who rode bikes and shopped organic from their local grocery store, had Saturday brunch and mid-week drinks with friends at the local bar and watched documentaries at the Revue Theatre further up the street.

I stood in the light rain thinking - this is good. Just a quiet Sunday morning with bacon and eggs, a visit to the book store, a walk down an interesting street. This is good.

No. 34 - Lemon Chicken with Avocado & Corn Salad

No. 34 - Cajun Spiced Basa, Bak Choy & Peanut Sauce

No. 34 : Pork & Summer Salad

This one was served up by the husband. :)
It's nice to be able to eat outside on our patio.
Simple Pleasures.