Saturday, September 12, 2015

Imagine Better

I've been watching The Closer for a few weeks now.

On Episode 5 of Season 5 Fritz Howard - the FBI Agent married to Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson -  talks to her about having children.

She's in the middle of investigating a murder that involved an ex-con who now is working in the service of the community he grew up in. The day before, she met with his mother who lost her only son. She spoke with the community members who face this kind of thing regularly in their neighbourhood.

The mother stood by her son, through prison and parole, and helped him turn his life around. Things were better for them. Then one night, he's shot dead, probably by a random shooting completely disconnected to him.

Brenda says, I know how easily these things happen. How can I even think about having a child?

And Fritz says, The same way ER doctors do, and undertakers, and soldiers. You're so great at imagining the worst. It's part of why you're good at your job. But try, just for a minute, imagining something better.

We've been talking about this too my husband and I. I do imagine the worst. I imagine nothing good will come. And he's been trying to tell me to imagine the good. To imagine better things. To think about good and better situations, places and people.

It's funny how something you are thinking of or feeling can pop up in the most random places. Is this the universe trying to tell me something?

Either way, it's a not a bad way to go at it.
It's really how the world changes.
By regular people imagining better.