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Some Days are No Good

One day in the middle of your 30s you realize that the great dreams of your life may never come true. The idea that you might have been somebody, that you might have grown up to be courageous is now a hazy dream. The potential of your life - what you might have been - is gone.

If you were to do something with your life, you should have begun it in your 20s When you had youth and passion on your side. When your body didn't feel like lead. Maybe you were never meant to amount to much. Maybe this is all there was ever going to be. Maybe that's all they were - dreams. Hazy dreams.

Now my shoulders and my upper back - they ache. My breasts feel too heavy.
I am full of fat. And my bones are weak.

And all I can do to get through my life is watch a whole lot of tv.