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Life Drawing

I am taking an Introduction to Drawing Class at Toronto School of Art.
The course is an 8 week introductory course and most of us are absolute beginners.

Today was Life Drawing.

We did a bunch of different exercises. Blind Contour, True Contour. Gesture Drawing.

Our instructor Paul Turner demonstrated each of the exercises for us before we tried it ourselves.

As he demonstrated Gesture Drawing I was struck by how beautiful the exercise was.
A nude model poses for the artist. The artist sees and draws the model. In gesture drawing you want to capture the energy of the pose. They are quick drawings. What the artist is doing apart from all the technical stuff is connecting. Connecting with what he/she sees, connecting with the lines on the page, connecting with the energy of the model. As Paul drew he moved too, like he was dancing along with the model.

Murray, our model, was exceptional.
It was like watching performance art. He had so many different poses, each giving you different an…