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Highlights of 2016

I'm staring this post on January 11, 2016 - to keep better track of what happens in the year.
This is going to be a long post.

Went back to work after two months medical leave for a myomectomyGot so tired in the first week - that it made me focus on my body and physical health moreWorked at sleeping 8 hours, drinking 8 cups of water, eating 5 small nutritious meals, doing yoga everyday.Began to become more aware. Went to The Rex for the first time. (I know this doesn't seem like much but I don't go many places. And I am often a bit insecure about going into a "cool" place.)Caught a cold in the second week of January - stayed home for another three days. Was not happy to have to feel ill so much. Not sure how I would handle a chronic/terminal illness if I had one. Read Thich Nhat Hanh'sThe Miracle of Mindfulness.Learned to do everyday tasks with more awareness. Learned to see everyday life as more beautiful and sacred. Realized that what I really wanted to do,…

From My Year of the Self

My theme for the year was The Self. And I think I 'm going to continue with that theme next year - there is so much more to be learned.
I am more assertive than I used to be. I am sometimes less confident than I used to be. I still despair. I know that I don't want to do work that does not matter. I know that I want to do work that is good. I know that my spirit is very important to me and I must nurture it. Though I more often than not  - don't. I am so conditioned to put the needs of others first that when I want to actually put myself first - I somehow sabotage it. I think all the physical pain that I have felt this year is me trying to stop myself from putting myself first - from going after the things I want to go after. I still can't seem to justify that. So much of who I am is who I used to be as a child. I still hear the voices - the voices of my parents, teachers, and friends - telling me I can't do it. What good is it? It's not that easy. I have to le…

Visiting Chevreuse II

Spent some time visiting my favorite painting at the AGO. 
Jean Paul Riopelle - Chevreuse II 1953 - 1954, Oil on Canvas

Every time we meet I feel like I have had a spirit filled experience. I feel like I am praying or visiting a deity. I speak to the painting and the painting speaks to me. It is a wonderful communion.